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Data Collection

We provide end-to-end data collection and analysis tailored to your needs

We work within your timeframe and budget to provide the data you need to answer your research or market questions. We make it a point to consistently engage with you every step of the way whilst we are in the field.
Designing surveys

We begin by understanding your programme and questions.

We design and code your survey instruments so you are set up for getting gold-standard data. We pilot instruments and make sure they are glitch-free and ready to use in a Zambian context.
Capacity building

Our staff are experienced in industry best-practices

We provide capacity building services for field staff and ensure they deliver good quality outputs. We also ensure that all our respondents are treated respectfully and thanked for providing information.
Quality checks

All of your data will be quality checked.

Your data will be checked frequently throughout the process. Reliable data from us means better-informed decision making for you.
Data cleaning

We also provide data cleaning services

We understand that data cleaning is a time-consuming process. We provide data cleaning services so you get a final dataset ready to go.
Market Research & writing

Own a business? Got a question about your market or demographic?

We can help you answer questions about your market, products and demographic. We also offer writing services – we can help you with conference reports and other copy. Contact us for more information.

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